About Kamma Maha Samajam

Kamma Maha Samajam (KMS) is a non-profit, non-political organization dedicated to the pursuit of social, cultural and literary goals Kamma Heritage and Culture.
The Association was registered (No. 65/2016) in July 2016 and KMS is actively involved in various community and social events

KMS motto:

Unite, Cherish and Promote Kamma Culture and Share the information.

What we do?

Kamma Maha Samajam provides various activities for its members in Matrimonial, Business information,Employment and Blood donors through the Website and KMS also provides Assistance in Legal, Education, Counseling, Medical, Sports and Social Service areas.

Kamma Maha Samajam Objectives

  • Assist and propagate cultural, literary, educational, social, economic and community affairs of the people of Kamma community.
  • Organise periodic Telugu learning class.
  • To provide matrimonial services,business information and employment opportunities to kamma community people.
  • Encourage and facilitate to follow the Kamma customs, traditions and values. Foster friendship and understanding among Kamma and promote unity among the community.
  • To reach out all the information for the community by setting up its own website e.g. membership,jobs, matrimonial listing, blood donors etc.,the association has set up its own website.
  • Initiate, promote and maintain unity, friendly, co-operative relations with other Kamma associations.
The KMS welcomes proposals from members for the betterment of the Association.
KMS membership is limited to people of Kamma and KMS is focused on building a strong membership base.
We effectively serve our communities across 16 types of services.

Membership Benefits are

Networking opportunity for members
Matrimonial Listing ,Business Information and Employment Opportunities.
KMS provides assistance and guidance (within the Law), in the areas of counselling,education, legal and medical support for members.
Common platform for Kamma people to share their views and ideas.